Nails Inc 2 Week Manicure

For Sarah’s wedding and honeymoon, Thea Green, founder of Nails Inc (and a mother of three – how does she do it?!), gave her a 2 Week Manicure with the promise that it would take her through both events with immaculate nails. To be honest, the bride was a bit sceptical - especially as Sarah doesn't have the strongest nails.  But along she trotted to the Nails Inc nail bar on the ground floor of Fenwick in Bond Street.  Here a nail ‘technician’ did some basic filing and tidying, then painted on three coats of clear gel to the natural nail, heat-sealing them, then applying colour (Sarah chose a clear rosy pink, one of 70 options) and then popping on a top coat.

Compared with regular manicures, the process seemed almost crude (none of that finicking about you tend to have with the ordinary thing) but the results were fabulous.

And, yes, they lasted quite, quite beautifully.

Which means that Sarah will be saying 'I Do' to this manicure again, in future...

UK readers can find a Nails Inc salon offering the 2 Week Manicure by clicking here (prices vary nationwide)