The Dove DermaSpa range


Slapped wrists! We meant to showcase this Dove collection a few months ago when it launched – but frankly, it’s taken us a while to work our way through the products and figure out which are the true ‘stars’. (Our excuse is that it’s quite an extensive range!) Bottom line is that Dove decided to give their excellent bodycare a major overhaul – an initiative which took more than 10 years of research and 280 scientists. Most interestingly (especially for Jo, with her Perfume Society connection), Dove enlisted top perfumer Anne Gottlieb to create the fragrances – which really are inviting, encouraging diligent use for the sheer pleasure factor. And using anything regularly is the key to seeing results. (And feeling them, in the case of these skin-softening products.)

So: better late than never, we bring you our top three Dove DermaSpa ‘heroes’…

Dove DermaSpa Goodness Body Cream, £7.99 for 300ml. A massive tub of rich, buttery yet sinks-in-fast cream for normal-to-dry skin – priced for generous slathering. What sold us on this is the fragrance, a soft and sensual blend of vanilla, coconut and musk.

Dove DermaSpa Uplifted+ Massaging Body Roll-On, £9.99 for 100ml. The innovative applicator for this has truly impressed us: a unique metal rollerball applicator which works to massage problem zones while gliding on the fresh-scented satiny gel, with its notes of waterlily, cucumber and green violet leaves, Indonesian patchouli and sweet musk. Again, the scent really encourages regular use – always the key with any firming/anti-cellulite product.

Dove DermaSpa Summer Revived Body Lotion, £6.99 for 200ml. Dove helped pioneer the ‘daily self-tanner’ and this is a great new version, available in two shades – Fair to Medium and Medium to Dark. It’s packed with glycerine so is genuinely moisturising, helping to counterbalance any of the drying effects these daily, gently bronzing products can sometimes be known for. It’ll really come into its own come summer, but if you’re feeling pastry-esque right now, a couple of days of application will easily deal with that.

They’ve also created ‘mantras’ to repeat while applying the products – which might sound gimmicky, but we’re all for anything which reconnects us with our bodies, in a world/time in which we live mostly in our heads. And we echo their comment: ‘Life is busy. We move at an exceptionally hectic pace, tuned in to do lists and technology. Touch is a simple and profound way of connecting to the stillness and calm inside. When we have a moment to stop rushing, we regain focus and rest.’

Couldn’t have put it better ourselves.

Dove DermaSpa is at£4.99-9.99