Living Nature Thickening Mascara


We are perpetually on the hunt for natural mascaras which don't flake, smudge and generally disappear by the end of a day. It's a challenge.

But this new offering from Living Nature has impressed us: a fairly grippy brush offering good definition, which bulks up lashes nicely (thanks to a clay ingredient) and adds a bit of a curl. It definitely doesn't irritate our sometimes sensitive eyes - and the Jet Black shade really is dark and coal-like, although there's a brown option too. (It also features lash-conditioning ingredients including honey - but trust us: it's not sticky at all!)

Can't ask more than that from a 'green' mascara, frankly. So if you like your lash products as natural as possible, it's worth a flutter on this.

Living Nature Thickening Mascara at£21