Temple Spa Giving It The Brush Off

Cue soundtrack from Jaws. That's basically the sound of summer approaching.

Beaches.  Swimwear.  Skimpy tops.

Which means just one thing:  if you aren't already body brushing, it's time you started, because there really is nothing (in our opinion) to rival this, for helping to smooth out lumps and bumps and generally boost body circulation.  In terms of banishing cellulite, we believe body-brushing tops the effectiveness charts.

The key is:  you've got to do it daily - absolutely every day -  for a few minutes, and always using sweeping movements towards the heart.  (So:  up the legs and arms.)  This clever brush from Temple Spa fits over the hand (rather like the brushes Sarah uses to groom her four-legged rescued steeds), making it really easy.  The bristles are Goldilocks-esque:  not too scratchy, not too soft - just perfect.

And the bonus is:  because it revs up circulation, you really do feel as if you've been for a brisk walk, too.  A great waker-upper for the morning.  Summer and winter...

UK readers find it here at www.victoriahealth.com/£16

PS  This fab brush features in a prize draw on our main www.beautybible.comsite, alongside with other brilliant summer body blitzers from Temple Spa.  Click here to enter...