OSKIA Skin Smoothing Massage Candle

We've always been a bit scared of massage candles - a bit phobic about the combo of burning wax and delicate skin. This blissfully Rose de Mai-scented Skin Soothing Massage Candle from Oskia, however, has completely converted us, after a fabulous massage at their new Treatment Rooms in Covent Garden yesterday.

As if the heavenly straight-from-a-rose-bower scent wasn't lovely enough, the combination of oils - including coconut and soybean - is incredibly skin-nourishing.  Skin's still completely velvety 24 hours later, even after a bath (and no body lotion to follow, which is almost unheard-of).

Of course you blow out the candle before use, waiting till there's a nice pool of warm wax - but the useful pourer in the corner of the oval candle makes that really easy to do.  And there's something about the just-right warmth of the wax that just instantly nudges muscles into a state of relaxation.

OSKIA founder Georgie Cleeve is a former Condé Nast food editor who set up the brand with her husband (they conceived it on their honeymoon!), and is a passionate believer in natural ingredients and nutrition, basing the range on MSM (a sulphur ingredient), which is great for skin (as well as joints, etc.)  Do check out the rest of their story here on the OSKIA site.  (We're very keen on the fact it's all manufactured in the UK, in Monmouthshire...)  Our testers already love the OSKIA Micro Exfoliating Balm (it's won an Anti-Ageing Beauty Bible Award), but sometimes it takes meeting the founder of a brand to open our eyes to it properly.  Well, they're open now.

And massage candles?  We've really warmed to them, now.

UK readers find OSKIA Soothing Massage Candle at www.oskiaskincare.com/£34.50 for 200g - click here