Tazeka Aromatherapy Motivation Roll-on Remedy


Roll-on aronatherapy’s a bit hit-and-miss, in our experience. (Generally lacks the glamour factor of perfume, that’s for sure.) But we really like these mood-fixing offerings from Tazeka, a range created by clinical aromatherapist Zena Hallam to address tiredness, PMS, headaches, stress and more. The oils are cased in bright, contemporary, shiny metallic rollerballs that make for ease-of-use (and are easy to find in your bag), and feel that bit more like you’re applying a fragrance.

Favourite ‘find’ so far? Got to be ‘Motivation’, with a beat-the-doldrums blend of ginger, coriander, fir balsam, lime and black spruce, in a jojoba oil base which blends nicely into pulse-points.

We keep ours by the computer for those little slumps that might otherwise be fixed (slightly less healthily) by a jolt of caffeine or a sugary snack.

Tazeka Aromatherapy Motivation Roll-on Remedy/£25.50 for 8 ml at www.myshowcase.com