Guerlain My Super Tips


Clever Guerlain. Having realised that many of us are reluctant to splash out on expensive skin fixes – no matter how highly-rated – without being sure we’ll love using them, they’ve come up with a brilliant way for us to road-test some of their beauty icons without upsetting the budget. Each of the My Super Tips products is priced £20, with five products in the range – existing ‘heroes’, reworked with improved textures and/or fragrances (and in some cases, a catchier name).

Crème SOS– a brilliant soother for tight, dry, red and sensitive skin of all types, cooling and calming. (And now with a soft scent that reflects that.) Superlips– if, like us, having the central heating on for w-a-y longer than you’d have liked has made your lips crispy, this is gloriously replenishing, now with a sweet bergamot/candy fragrance.

Midnight Secret–we’ll be honest: we were in love with the previous Midnight Secret fragrance, but since most people haven’t a clue how brilliantly face-saving this product is (rightly known as ‘eight hours of sleep in bottle’), this is going to ensure many more are introduced to its wonders. (Only now it’s ‘eight hours of sleep in a tube’.)

Stop Spot– formerly known as ‘Crème Camphréa’, but who the heck knows what that means? This is a much better description for a product that stops spots in their tracks, with its camphor-y blend, while subtly concealing.

Radiance in a Flash– which does just what it says: a gel-textured product which somehow delivers instant energy to skin, now with a lovely citrus-amber scent.

Even better: though you wouldn’t carry some of the hefty jars or bottles these used to come in around in your handbag, these are all lightweightand packable for skin SOS-es, anywhere, anytime.

Guerlain My Super Tips/£20 each for 15 ml at