Stellar Décolletage Elixir Extraordinaire Dry Oil Mist

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Lazy about your neck? This is for you.

Part of a three-product range developed by Helen Erichson – who was frustrated at a lack of products specifically targeting the breast and décolletage area – it’s just about the easiest-to-use neck product we’ve ever had the pleasure of trying. (Albeit quite a pricy one.)

It spritzes on, sinks in fast, smells fab. The blend of oils includes macadamia, borage, sweet almond, jojoba and Inca inchi oil, along with shea butter. You barely have to rub it in, can dress immediately – and the results are immediate, too, with lines softened along with skin.

Personally, we don’t bother with actual bust treatments. Beyond that, we’ve basically given up trialling them for our Beauty Bible Awards because none of our testers really showed much inclination, either.

But necks and the area of décolletage which shows when your shirt’s unbuttoned a bit? We’re deadly serious about giving those plenty of TLC. If you are, too, you could also check out the pleasant, gentle Stellar Décolletage scrub – Luminous Perfector Polish – and targeted Velvet Restore Sleep Complex, an overnight conditioning treatment.

A stellar new discovery indeed.

£68 for 100 ml – buy here