Diorskin Forever Perfect Mousse Foundation

Screen Shot 2017-11-06 at 16.51.30.png

This launched in August – which was definitely the wrong time of year for something with as velvety and matte a finish as this offers.

It's time has come. And let's kick off by saying that smoothing in the mousse a little like applying air to your face. Honestly, you can barely feel it go on. (Slightly weird, actually – but in a good way!) They call it 'weightless' – and honestly, it is. It's best applied with fingertips – so if you prefer a foundation that's fuss-free, this ticks that box, for sure.

As we say, it's matte. But it's not dull – oh, no; actually, very flattering. It's great for concealing pores (fantastic around the nose, if that's your problem zone) and very, very comfy once in place. The coverage is medium, and it definitely doesn't need powdering. (You can build, if you want a little more oomph in the coverage department.) 

They promise 16-hour wear for this, which we think is a bit on the generous side – but a good day-long foundation, to get you through a day at the office.

Or in the weeks to come, an evening at a party. When no matter how brightly the fairy lights and sequins are shining, your face won't be.

£32 – buy here