St.Tropez Gradual Tan Tinted Body Lotion


Finally, we've stopped looking like skewbald ponies after our Beauty Bible's fake-tan-a-thon last month. You'll be able to read some of our favourites in YOU Magazine shortly, but we'll be giving the low-down on everything else we loved here on the site. And as it's just beginning to look like we all might, might, might soon be able to cast aside opaque tights and bare out legs, here's a definite new favourite for the warmer months to come.

In general, our advice is to go for gradual self-tanners rather than the make-me-Bahamas-bronze-in-an-hour type, because the results are more seamless. But if we're talking seamless, this is off-the-scale. It's a truly luscious, almost 'slippy' body lotion that quenches skin as well as pretty much anything out there that DOESN'T have a fake tan in, never mind those that do. (Which generally aren't very moisturising at all.)

it's also tinted so you get an instant hint-of-glow straight away, and (importantly) can see just where you've applied it. There's absolutely no fake tan smell at all: just a lovely, natural-looking hint of colour that you can build day by day, as desired.

Gold star, St.Tropez. (And we mean that literally.) The weather can warm up any time it likes – and thanks to this, we're ready.

St.Tropez Gradual Tan Tinted Body Lotion/£15 for 200 ml at