Spas we love: Chuan Spa at The Langham

Not only is The Langham Jo's top hotel IN THE WORLD to stay in (!), but it now features a really splendid spa, with a truly holistic spirit. Heft open the door from frenzied Regent Street (the north bit), and it's like stepping into a Zen temple.  Dim lights, flickering candles, instant chill-out.  We're very impressed by the fact that the spa offers Traditional Chinese Medicine treatments with Dr. Songxuan Ke (an extraordinary acupuncturist/TCM practitioner we've seen ourselves, over the years), truly bringing together the best of Eastern and Western techniques.  (When it comes to spas, that's usually a cliché - but not in this case.)

A real bonus, for us, is that The Chuan Spa offers treatments by OSKIA, the all-natural brand we've been seduced by in the past couple of years.  We had an amazing Chuan Harmonising Treatment for Face & Body:  90 minutes to renew and restore mind, body, spirit.

More clichés?  No, no, no - not in this case:  it's one of those 'wow treatments featuring lots of deep, hands on massage for face and body, incorporating special breathing techniques which really managed to bust stress after a frenzied day pounding the London pavements ping-pong-ing between beauty launches.

Flickering in the background was OSKIA's amazing rose-scented massage candle, which helped create a soothing vibe and provided warm liquid wax, for the massage.  Hence skin's left with a glorious rosy-posy fragrance afterwards, as well as being silky-soft.

It's fair to say that sometimes, spa treatments have us itching to get off the bed after a few minutes because they're actually not relaxing at all.  But this?  As soon as there's a slot in the diary, we'll be back for more.

The Chuan Harmonising Treatment/(Price:  £180 for 90 minutes (so:  far-from-cheap but worth it for a truly special occasion)

The Chuan Spa, The Langham Hotel, 1c Portland Place, Regent Street, London W1B 1JA/020-7636 1000