Chantecaille wants you to Save Our Sharks (yes, really)

Sharks get a really bad press. Honestly, they do.

You're much more likely to be killed in a vending machine accident than be attacked by a shark.  Humans do far, far more damage to sharks than we do to them - and Chantecaille want us to do something about it.

As causes go, sharks aren't terribly sexy - and yet in terms of the planet's ecosystem, they're absolutely crucial.  (The rise in jellyfish numbers - and injuries - globally is linked to dwindling shark numbers, because it upsets the food chain.)  And sharks are in big, big trouble - mostly because of the Chinese taste for shark fin soup, a traditional celebratory meal which is eaten way more often now that the Chinese have more to celebrate, financially.

It's estimated (by the valiant oceanic warriors at Sea Shepherd) that up to 100 million sharks are killed every year - and horrifically, in many cases, these creatures have their fins sliced off and are then thrown back into the ocean to die, slowly.  (We had our own eyes opened about this cruelty by an extraordinary film called Sharkwater, which makes for uncomfortable - but thought-provoking - viewing.)

Mother-and-daughter team Olivia and Sylvie Chantecaille have in the past donated a percentage of the proceeds from their make-up palettes to elephants and tigers, in the past - but now, with this so-pretty spring palette, it's sharks who get a look in.  5% of the proceeds from the Save the Sharks Palette will go to the BLOOM Association, which works to ban the unregulated shark fin trade.

It's a beautiful palette with wearable shades - the Great White (an all-over sandy beige) is fantastic for highlighting, while Black Tip (a deep ocean blue) looks sensational as a smokey eyeliner.  Enliven cheeks, too, with the suits-all-skintones coral shade (Sea Anemone).

Of course, in itself this palette is not enough to save the shark - but we believe that every little helps this very good cause.

And we like it when beauty brands give intelligent beauty-hounds something to get our teeth into.