Intergalactically fabulous, these are. Good for whenever your eyes feel tired – or the rest of you does. In a perfect world, we'd like to lie back with one of these on every night after work, by way of a full stop after the day. In reality, we're using them once or twice a week – and loving every relaxing moment.

So here's the deal. These clever masks heat up gently when applied to the eye zone. Simply hook the loops (they're tucked out of sight in the photo above) over your ears, and the interaction of the Spacemask with oxygen molecules works to heat the mask. There is something about this natural heat exchange that is incredibly soothing.

It's recommended that you relax with the mask in place for 15 minutes. (There are 5 in a pack.) Then, as they say: 'Return to planet Earth. Reconnecting with Earthly matters may take a little longer...'

But the good thing is, after even the most stressful day, you'll be chilled enough no longer to care.

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