Indeed Labs 10balm


The challenge with trying lots and lots (and lots) of different products, as we do in the line of duty, is that skin sometimes says: 'Enough's enough.' And this is where Indeed Labs 10balm comes into its own. Everyone needs something that offers pure and simple skin zen-in-a-tube – and this is it.

It calls itself a balm – but in reality, it's a soft-textured moisturiser, good for morning or evening, comforting skin with a blend of 10 renowned soothing botanicals including honey, allantoin, baobab and burrito oils, royal jelly, pollen extract, honey and propolis, plus vitamin E. There's a long list of what's not in there, too: no parabens, fragrance, colourants. Technically, it's designed for the face – but you could use it anywhere skin's angry.

We're very, very taken with the soft, soothing, melts-into-skin texture of this – frankly, we're happy to use it even when our skin isn't screaming blue murder.

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