Soap Co. Bath & Body Oils


There are so many reasons to love these new oils. First off, they smell downright fab. (Which is always the clincher, for us.)

In the Bath Oil collection there are Uplift and Detox options, richly-scented with essential oils. In the Body Oil range, choose whether you want to Unwind or Renew. But we have to say that our (ever-so-slightly-more-expensive) favourite – both in the bath oil and the body oil – is the heavenly Rose, which is like anointing yourself in a rose bower. (And after years of reading feedback from Beauty Bible testers, we know how much everyone seems to love, love, love rose…)

Secondly, they’re 100% natural – skin-friendly, enriched with vitamins, calendula, borage, jojoba and evening primrose oils.

Thirdly: the bottles (a lightly frosted glass) are easily recyclable. (Matters more and more, doesn’t it?)

But the ultimate reason these put a smile on our faces has to be the fact they provide work for blind and otherwise disabled people at Soap Co.’s factory. (Each bottle creates two hours of employment.) As Soap Co.’s co-founder – the unbelievably inspiring Camilla Marcus-Dew – comments, ‘The Soap Co. shows that there doesn’t need to be trade-off between award-winning design, responsible living and social purpose.’

More power to their (lovely, soft) elbows.

£20-22 – buy here