Slow Ageing Essentials Bath Essence and Body Oil


You have a birthday coming up, right? (At some point, anyway.) Well, these deserve to be on your gift wishlist. Or if you’re feeling quite flush, you might splash out sooner than that.

Beauty Bible has been raving about Slow Ageing Essentials since last year, when we did a special trial of their skincare (and the range – which you can read about here – fared incredibly well with our testers.

Now there are indulgent, seriously mood-shifting products for bath and body, too. The potent blend of relaxing essential oils in the Essential Bath Essence includes rose geranium, rosemary, juniper and cypress (and this is no mere whisper). What we like especially is that there’s a guided meditation (which you access via the site) to go along with it, to really deepen the whole experience.

Optionally, you can follow with the Essential Firming Body Essence, with a more exotic and uplifting, stimulating blend of oils: ylang ylang, lemon verbena, Roman chamomile and ho wood. (But we do find these quite stimulating and prefer to use after a shower, in the mornings.) The hazelnut oil base is wonderfully nurturing, meanwhile, after dry skin-brushing.

Essential? You just might find they are.

£68 each for 100ml ­– buy here