Simple Radiance Boosting Face Mask


Never mind what they do for your face. Some sheet masks cost an arm and a leg. So it’s refreshing to find one of these Korean beauty-inspired masks that comes in at under three quid.

We loved, loved, loved using Simple Radiance Boosting Face Mask and will be nipping to Superdrug to stock up. Slightly ambitiously, it promises ‘20 days’ worth of moisturiser after just one use’. Maybe that IS a touch ambitious - but we can report that skin was mega-quenched and plumped after just 15 minutes with this in place, watching Killing Eve.

Because it’s from Simple, it’s very kind to skin. No harsh ingredients, just lots of skin-quenching stuff (including lashings and lashings of humectant glycerine).

The usual instructions apply – place it on cleansed skin and adjust a bit to make sure the holes are positioned correctly. We would advise if you’re using it in bed (as we did) that maybe you drape a towel round your shoulders and décolletage when you apply it – because there really is that much moisture in the mask. There’s an enzymatic action, too, which ensures it lives up to the brightening name.

Afterwards, massage any residue into skin – it feels lovely, and skin definitely looked radiant and mega-moisturised the next morning. As with all of the Simple range, it’s great for touchy skins.

The 100% cotton mask is fully biodegradable, by the way – but do put it in the bin (or compost) rather than flushing it down the loo, or you could just find yourself with a plumber’s call-out fee. £2.99 doesn’t seem quite such a beauty steal, if you happened to make that mistake. But otherwise? A fab, affordable find.

£2.99 – buy here