Seven Secrets: Abi Wright


Abi Wright is the pioneering founder of, launched in 2008 and now Europe’s largest spa booking company, working with over 700 spas. Abi is constantly striving to make spa more accessible – changing the perception of spa as a luxe beauty product to being seen as something for everyone, with a positive effect on your health and emotional wellbeing. One of Abi’s passions is setting up her list of Recovery Retreats, a collection of spas and spa packages that openly welcome people recovering from cancer, as well as those going through chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

Abi’s long list of awards has just been expanded by being included in the Financial Times and HERoes ranking of the leading champions of women in business.

Surround yourself with good people. This has got to be the key to wellbeing – the people you surround yourself with. I work with an amazing team of positive people. My senior management team have been with me since the start and everyone has the best attitude. They pick me up and boost my energy levels when I'm simply not feeling it, and that does amazing things for your state of mind - not to mention your business.

Let go of trying to do it all. I wish I could tell you I was that person that planned my meals every day in advance, had fresh smoothies in the morning and went to the gym in the evening – but I'm not. I think this idea that we can do it all really has to go, because we can't. Sometimes you have to just let things go – decide what the priorities are and don't beat yourself up for everything you didn't do.

Routine. As a working mum, routine is so important.  You can guarantee that it's always going to get turned on its head, but rooting the day in routine really helps to relieve stress, which is one of the biggest wellbeing tips anyone can ask for.

Get outside. I have a reputation for walking around without my shoes on – preferably on the grass or on the beach if I can get home to my parents in Devon. Getting outside into the fresh air is so important for me - it gives me headspace, calms me down and helps me to relax. I have always had dogs, so walking them is a really good incentive to get outside each day even if it's at 5 a.m.!

Allow yourself a treat. It's really important to have something small to treat yourself regularly – the choice is up to you, but for me it's a classic, fizzy, caffeinated drink – Coca-Cola – but it has to be the real stuff, not the diet version.  Obviously from a health perspective no one would ever recommend it, but I am not a chocolate person and a can of Coke is my favourite treat.

Use products that make you feel good. For a beauty boost I am a big fan of Lumity supplements and face oil.  They’re an amazing team of people who work with the body’s own cycles and I just love their products. I am also a big fan of Aromatherapy Associates both on a personal and professional level – I have always admired their founder [Geraldine Howard] who sadly passed away last year. They are a really superb example of the power of real aromatherapy and bringing that power to everyday life with fragrant bath and shower oils.  If you can opt for one of their spa treatments every now and again that’s even better!

Look for the best in everything you have. We spend so much time planning and working on what we’re going to do next that we can often forget how much we have to enjoy in the now.  In my work, I get so much pleasure from helping other people to achieve their goals and motivating the individuals in my team.  That’s something I can enjoy every day and I am sure that sense of joy and happiness everyday is one of the best things you can do for your wellbeing.  In the words of Roald Dahl: ‘if you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely’.