Benefit Foolproof Brow Powder


Benefit are, unquestionably, the Brow Kings. (Or maybe Queens?) With the most extensive range of brow products out there – from ultra-fine pencils to powders and arch-highlighters – they’ve got something for everyone. Including, now, the complete brow idiot. Well, that’s maybe taking it a little far – but for anyone who finds brow-colouring challenging (or too much faff), this is (as the name implies) utterly goof-proof.

A little palette with two complementary shades in a brow-shaped inset (use one on the inner brow, one on the outer hairs), it comes with a clever sponge applicator that couldn’t be easier to use. We thought the results might be a little imprecise – but not a bit of it. And this is by far the quickest-fix brow product we’ve ever used.

We honestly can’t imagine there’s another brow product they can bring to market, now. But we’re still prepared to have our brows raised by future Benefit innovations.

Benefit Foolproof Brow Powder/£20 at