Salons We Love: Paul Edmonds, Knightsbridge

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According to Fleabag, ‘Hair is everything’. We couldn't agree more! On a good hair day, you can take on the world. When it all goes wrong, you feel like pulling a paper bag over your head and hiding. And it was a day in late spring this year when Sarah felt like that – her hair a disaster both cut and colourwise and everything else more than a bit dismal for different reasons – that she fetched up at Paul Edmonds salon in Knightsbridge.


Three hours later, she pretty well pranced down Knightsbridge swooshing a glossy, gorgeous mane (OK, under an umbrella because of the positively biblical deluge, but it still looked pretty damned fabulous).

Much of the transformation was down to the miracles wrought by Head of Colour Clare Hodges (the blonde lovely on the carousel). Then an immaculate trim and blow-dry with Creative Director Jennie Manzi, via a wash and condition with a really good head massage (which can be a real game changer if you’re feeling stressed), and a glaze for a 1000 watt shine.

It was also the warmth and general atmosphere of caring that was balm for the mind as well as the barnet. Both of us have known Paul for A Very Long Time (not saying just how long… but back to the days of his first salon round the corner in Beauchamp Place, and he did the hair for Jo’s wedding, too!). And as well as being a stellar stylist he was always the nicest person. Paul actually studied healing for over three years and it really shows.

Many of Paul’s staff choose to stay with him for years – and more years. In fact, Creative Colour Director Tracey Patterson (above) who did Sarah’s colour most recently, also used to tend Jo’s blonde mop back in the day. (Tracey was the colour genius behind Margot Robbie’s quick switch from blonde to red to blonde again when she was in The Legend of Tarzan.)

It got us thinking about what we really want from a hair salon. Over the decades, we’ve been very lucky to go to some of the other great hair salons, from John Barrett in Manhattan to John Frieda, Josh Wood, Daniel Galvin Jr., to name a few.

They all combine expertise and experience with the third ‘e’ for empathy. So you feel really cared for. And you never sit rigid in the chair, feeling like a rabbit in the headlights, unable to protest about a cut plonked on your head regardless of your hair type and face shape. Or colour that might have been good a decade back but just doesn't suit you now.

Other clients of Paul Edmonds clearly feel the same as we do since the average Facebook review, from 72 votes, is an amazing 4.9/5. Not cheap but as one reviewer said if you want A-list hair, you have to be prepared to pay A-list prices. Worth saving for!

Paul Edmonds Hair & Beauty Salons 21 Brompton Road, SW3 2EJ; Battersea Power Station, 3 Circus Road West, SW11 8EZ/020-7589 5958 to book

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