Romilly Wilde Eye Believe Eye Serum

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Eye treatments are all very well. But in our experience (as we have said before), an applicator’s what makes all the difference to the problem of under-eye puffiness that pretty much tops the list of our readers’ beauty woes.

Smooth, cold-to-the-touch metal works like nothing else, frankly.

That’s one key reason we like this new serum – a recent addition to the line-up of Romilly Wilde, who’ve entered the ‘sustainable luxury’/clean beauty arena.

So (the word ‘luxury’ is a clue), this isn’t cheap – but it is really excellent. You pump the end and a dose of the serum appears on the metal applicator – perfect for gliding smoothly onto skin. The serum gives the perfect ‘slip’, so the cool metal can work its de-puffing magic. Then pat any remaining serum into the skin. (It doesn’t ‘travel’ and irritate eyes, thanks to that serum texture.)

Key ingredients are moisture-boosting hyaluronic acid, Chinese hibiscus, sea chamomile, pomegranate and a ‘probiotic ferment’, plus a coffee seed extract to ‘wake up’ the area.

Aside from the fantastic fragrance in the collection – IDLE (created by Fragrance Foundation Award-winning perfumer Marina Barcenilla) – this is definitely our favourite yet in the ‘clean, adaptive, modern skincare’ (their words) collection.

£75 for 15 ml – buy here