REN Clean Skincare Atlantic Kelp & Magnesium Body Wash (TerraCycle bottle)


This is really something. There’s surely nobody who now doesn’t know about the plastic pollution crisis in our oceans. David Attenborough’s done his bit – and suddenly, the world is waking up to the impact on marine life. According to some estimates, 1.4 billion tons of trash ends up in our beautiful oceans, each year.

So we’re excited that REN is taking a stand, making steps to do something with that waste. Their bestselling, award-winning REN Clean Skincare Atlantic Kelp & Magnesium Body Wash – a fab product in its own right – is now packaged in a plastic created in partnership with TerraCycle (an innovative British packaging company) which is made with 20% reclaimed ocean plastic. That’s collected from rivers, lakes, beaches, oceans and the banks of all those water sources.

There are compromises, here – but they’re teeny. And we absolutely think it’s worth having a plastic that’s a little less clear, if it reuses ocean waste. VERY cleverly, they’ve managed to create a metal-free pump, too – which makes recycling this (once you’ve finished the product) much easier. Over the next year, REN will be phasing in the TerraCycle packaging across other products, including hand and body lotions.

As for the product inside? Well, no compromises are required on that front: it’s a great body wash – wonderfully invigorating and fresh-scented, boasting magnesium and extracts of both Atlantic kelp and plankton, to boost skin vitality. (You can see why they chose this as the flagship product for this initiative, can’t you?)

£22 for 300 ml – buy here