REN Perfect Canvas


Setting the scene: we are complete converts to the notion of primers – yes, they really DO make skin smoother. Yes, they really DO make make-up last longer. Yes, they can blur the appearance of lines. End. Of. 

It's taken REN a while to join the primer party – but it was worth the wait. We're not quite sure how a couple of drops of clear, light liquid can make such a mahoosive difference to skin smoothness, but this does, with just a couple of drops applied after moisturiser. And it's completely silicone-free. (REN advise that if you’re time-pressured, you can just add the drops to your moisturiser.)

Beyond that – which accounts for the somewhat steeper price than most primers – this has skincare benefits. There are probiotics to boost skin’s own defences, as well as agave extract – a natural sugar which lifts, tightens and fills (taking the place of those silicones), attracting moisture at the same time.

We shouldn’t really be swayed by packaging, we know. But the sleek, chic and minimalist bottle looks great, centre stage on the bathroom shelf.

Where it deserves a drumroll and its own spotlight, frankly.

£50 for 30 ml buy here