Beauty Clinic: Protect your face from UVA

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Q. I’ve seen loads of moisturisers with SPFs in but I want to buy one that protects against UVA rays, which I believe are the ones that cause wrinkles. I have dry skin. Any suggestions?

A. The usual mantra is that UVA is for ageing and UVB is for burning. To get a really good defense against UVA we suggest looking at dedicated sun preps, which, under EU regulations, must offer high UVA protection.

In general, modern formulations are also very moisturising. However, depending on how dry your skin is you might need to layer on a serum first or add a little more moisturiser to the product. The thing is to experiment whichever one you choose, and then see how your skin responds – and adapt the product to your individual needs.

We’re very impressed with Ultrasun, the dedicated Swiss suncare range that gives all in one skincare and sun protection.  We suggest you look at Ultrasun Face Anti-Age SPF30, a reasonable £20 for 50 ml.  This long-lasting product, designed to prevent ageing of the skin, offers the recommended broad spectrum UVA (filtering out over 90 per cent) and UVB protection, and is also an excellent moisturiser.  It absorbs quickly and is non-greasy so it’s ideal as a base for makeup.

If you are going to be under fierce sun, or skiing or on water where the intensity of the UV light is stronger, Ultrasun’s new Face 50+ Anti-ageing & Anti-pigmentation Sun Protection for Sensitive Skins/£32 for 50 ml, would be wise.

As well as UV screens, both products contain antioxidants to help nullify the effect of the sun at cellular level, and are water-resistant.  They are perfume-free and do not contain mineral oils, emulsifiers or preservatives; however, they do contain some synthetic chemical ingredients and some nano-particles.

If you are looking for natural products (you don't say in your email), we suggest Green People Day Solution Cream SPF15, £18 for 50 ml which offers some UVA protection, with 85 per cent organic ingredients.  They also offer Age Defy+ Tinted DD Moisturiser SPF15, in several shades, £36 for 30 ml.  If you are looking for full broad-spectrum protection, Green People recommend their Facial Sun Cream SPF30, £18 for 15 ml, which you can wear on its own or under makeup.