Primark Naturals


We have been rather taken with Primark beauty products in the past – very, very impressive quality for the money. But we have to say, scrutinising the ingredients with our magnifying glasses, we’ve gulped slightly at the petrochemicals and other synthetics in there.

So the good news is that Primark is moving in a #cleanbeauty direction with the unveiling of a capsule collection of Primark Naturals. Still at incredibly accessible prices – you really can’t argue with three quid (THREE QUID!) for a very effective Balm to Oil Cleanser – they boast over 90% natural ingredients, including coconut water and kakadu plum extract.

There are five products in the capsule range, all certified vegan by The Vegan Society, including a Daily Moisturiser and by far the least expensive overnight mask we’ve seen yet. Wipes – if you must – are biodegradable.

You’ll also find organic cotton pads (certified by GOTS, or Global Organic Textile Standard), while they’ve used FSC-certified wood for the accessories range (get your hands on a Wooden Body Brush for just £2!)

Is it just us, or is the beauty world really – finally – turning on its axis?

From £1.50 to £3 at Primark (in store only for now – well, you can’t have everything…)