Prai Ageless Throat & Décolletage Serum

Screen Shot 2018-04-05 at 16.35.55.png

We love, love, love a metal rollerball. Brilliant for de-puffing a jaw and stimulating lymph. Best way we know to smooth away under-eye bags, too.

But it was still a first for us when we discovered that PRAI's neck and chest serum has not one, not two but a trio of rollerballs, to dispense the product. 

We got this in the Cosmetic Executive Women Beauty Demo Evening goody-bag – and were so pleased we did. What piqued our interest in the product was the neck and chest area of the woman – late fortysomething, maybe even fifty-ish – demo-ing it. Not a line, a crease, a crinkle in sight. 

Since then, we've been using it – and are impressed with the results. Beyond that, there's something immensely soothing and cooling about the rollerball action. (We think it would be a great instant fix for a hot flush, NB.) 

The serum is powered by goldenrod extract, an antioxidant botanical, hydration-boosting red algae, and haematite extract, which is rich in iron. It's light and lovely.

So far, we're liking what we see in the mirror. But we're also really liking what we feel, as we apply this – and when you look forward to using a product (as we do), that encourages regular use.

And as we've said before (and we'll keep saying forever), that's when you'll see results.

£39.99 for 120 ml – buy here