Piglet Bed Linen


If you are one of the thousands of women who suffer from menopausal night sweats, there is a solution. Our colleague Catherine recommends swapping your feather or synthetic duvet and pillows for wool ones and investing in a good quality linen duvet cover.

‘Since I started using a wool duvet and mattress protector with a natural linen cover, my sleep has really improved because wool and linen regulate body temperature better - even during this boiling hot summer. I don’t wake up as often during the night as the continuous cycle of over-heating, kicking off the duvet, then waking up feeling chilly half an hour later has been broken. How do I know it’s definitely the bedding that’s helped? I went to stay with relatives recently who provided me with a synthetic duvet with a poly-cotton cover and barely slept a wink.’

Great in this hot weather whether you're menopausal or not, actually.

Piglet Linen double duvet cover available in a range of colours, £138 - buy here

Double wool duvet and deluxe mattress cover, from £54.39 and £47.50 - buy here


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