Paradoxx haircare


Sarah was so impressed by the effects of Paradoxx shampoo and conditioner that she emailed the Irish-born founder Yolanda Cooper saying: ‘It’s stellar!’ Her long, thick, coloured, tends-to-be-dry hair emerged glossy, bouncy and manageable after a quick whiz with the drier and a hot air styling brush. Now, Paradoxx products are a bathroom staple.

The six-product, unisex, capsule collection is infused with herbal extracts including hops, seaweed, moss, clover, nettle, Celtic salt and – faith and begorrah! – whiskey. All of Irish origin, naturally.

And ‘natural’ is the keyword not just for the ingredients, which are up to 97% natural and often organic, but also the packaging. Rather than plastic, the products are housed in aluminium – apparently it’s the only material that can be recycled infinitely. Paradoxx admit the packaging currently has a plastic pump – there are no options, they say – but they’re supporting research into non-plastic alternatives for the beauty industry.

And their current pumps can be recycled – you just need to use a nutcracker to remove the metal spring (love it!). Paradoxx is also working with A Plastic Planet ( to help educate the wider industry so more brands can change their packaging.

So Super Natural Shampoo (£18 for a big 250ml dispenser) and Secret Weapon 3-in-1 Conditioner (£20 for 250ml) get a big tick from Sarah. Next stop Game Changer Multi-Task Hair Mask or maybe a few drops of Hangover Hair Elixir after gardening in the sun. There’s also Climax Volume Tonic, a blow dry volumising primer, and Fierce Sea Salt Spray for ‘seriously sexy’ locks.

Good hair days guaranteed – and good for the planet too.

£18-30 – buy here