Origins Warm Down Warming Lava Scrub


Well, this is weird! In a good way! Massage into damp or wet skin and it gets properly hot. Brilliant, for un-kinking muscles and relaxing you – and beyond that, the essential oils of wild mint, vanilla and spearmint smell wonderfully soothing and rebalancing, somehow.

The scrub itself is created from volcanic ash: fine but slightly gritty particles. We always categorise scrubs in two ways: those for the bath (which tend to dissolve, so you're not left sitting in a pile of grit). And those for the shower, where the particles don't dissolve, and therefore should be sluiced away.

This definitely falls into the latter category – so if you do want to use it in the bath, use it last thing so you haven't got the gritty bottom problem. With sunflower oil in the base, it's nicely nourishing, though – albeit not quite enough to allow you to skip the moisturiser afterwards.)

But all in all, aptly enough, we've really rather warmed to it.

Origins Warm Down Warming Lava Scrub/£29 for 150ml at