Kat Von D Lock-It Colour Correcting Eye Primer


It makes perfect sense to us that this extraordinary eye primer should be created by someone's who's a former tattoo artist. Because if you apply Kat Von D Lock-It Colour Correcting Eye Primer beneath your shadow, it makes it almost as budge-proof as a tattoo. (Until you reach for the eye make-up remover, anyway.) Highly-pigmented, in a range of five shades so you can match your lids (including a commendably dark tone), it first off evens out the lid – getting rid of redness and shadows almost entirely.

Then the miraculous bit: anything you apply over the top goes on more intensely – almost as if it 'clings' to the base. Cream and powder shadows will require more assiduous blending than usual (with fingertips and/or brushes)– but they'll still be there at the end of the day, and for us that's a massive plus. Truly, this is unlike any other lid product we've ever tried. (It promises 16-hour wear, and we'd agree that's what 'Lock-It' delivers.)

We've seen a couple of online comments about this about lack of blendability. But to be honest, that's the trade-off. You do have to be quick (and work quite hard) to blend the twist-up pencil into the lids – but it's against the laws of physics to have something that's really 'slippy', yet still keeps your eye make-up from creasing and smudging.

And this has us inking an imaginary 'We Love Kat Von D' tattoo on our biceps, frankly.

Kat Von D Lock-It Colour Correcting Eye Primer/£18 at debenhams.com