Origins A Perfect SPF40 World Age Defence Moisturizer


You are wearing an SPF every day now, aren't you...? Whether your answer earns a gold star or a little bit of a slapped wrist, we can declare the SPF moisturiser season officially open. There is sunlight. We are outdoors. (Quite a lot, in our cases – the garden beckons...)

And since prevention is way, way better than any anti-ageing treatment on the planet, it is time to make sure your skin is adequately protected.

We're longstanding fans of Origins A Perfect World – and over the years, Beauty Bible testers have heaped praise on it, too. Now it comes in an SPF40 option, which really offers good protection in a very, very nice-to-use format.

It's packed with antioxidants to up the protection against UVA and pollution: Silver Tip white tea, edelweiss and white birch – and A Perfect World is one of the first ranges to trumpet the protection it offers against infrared rays (IR), which we promise you'll be hearing more about. (Yup, another skin aggressor to worry about.)

Importantly, it's nd it has the great, signature Origins 'fresh', light scent – from orange, lemon, bergamot and spearmint – which make it a pleasure to use. The texture? Oil-free, but nevertheless brilliantly skin-quenching.

It only remains for us to say: get out there and enjoy the sunshine, while it lasts.

Origins A Perfect SPF40 World Age Defence Moisturizer/£35 for 50 ml at