Inika Certified Organic Liquid Mineral Foundation


Jo’s just one of many, many, many women who just don’t get on with powder mineral make-up. There’ve just been too many ‘Pompei moments’ with lids coming off and showering everything with a layer of faintly iridescent, skin-toned dust. So this is a very welcome discovery: a hydrating foundation which does the same great job of evening out the skintone as a powder, but in a hydrating, easy-to-use form. From one of our favourite natural make-up brands, Australia’s Inika, it features hyaluronic acid alongside vitamins and oils including argan and rosehip, green tea and lavender. Overall, 76% of ingredients are certified organic – which is good enough for us, with a product that performs this well.

In six shades, it goes on with fingers but as ever we prefer the fabulous Cailyn O, Wow! Brush – the life-transforming foundation brush you can find on, for the most natural results with this terrific natural base.

Inika Certified Liquid Mineral Foundation/£29.50 for 30 ml at