Origins GinZing Peel-Off Mask to Refine and Refresh


Remember actress Jill Masterson, covered in gold paint, in James Bond's Goldfinger...? Really, they should have used this. One of a really excellent range of masks now in Origins's portfolio (we are also very much enjoying the By All Greens Deep Cleansing Mask with Green Tea, Spirulina and Spinach), this literally coats your face in copper. It's quite a striking reflection that stares back from the mirror!

The mask isn't so tight it's uncomfortable, because it's somehow 'flexible' - but wait a few minutes for it to 'set', and the botancials – including skin-awakening coffee beans – will have done their work. Then simply smile (to 'loosen' the mask), and remove.

Remember the fun as a child of painting on Copydex, then peeling it off again? This is as satisfying as that, but in a so-sophisticated way – and as the copper mask is removed, it takes the dull dead cells and skin debris with it, revealing fresher, brighter, more radiant skin beneath.

This is the most fun we've had with our clothes on (well, a towel wrapped around us) in a long, long time.

Origins GinZing Peel-Off Mask to Refine and Refresh/£24 at