The Estée Edit: a new make-up and skincare line to shout about


If you've been anywhere near Selfridges Oxford Street lately, you might have stumbled across an area near the Estée Lauder counter in the Beauty Hall that looks like it's been Tardis-ed straight from backstage at a catwalk show. That's The Estée Edit, and we must say: it gives us beauty goosebumps, it's so exciting. (We will repeat again, not for the first time: we are never paid to stay this stuff. Feel it needs reiterating, with some bloggers nabbing £10,000 for a posting! We simply don't – and won't – do that, and everything you read on here got here because we, or our readers, love it. And by the way, it's not like we aren't asked...!)

Now, we're not exactly the types longing to bring out our inner Kardashian or Jenner (notwithstanding the fact that Kendall Jenner is the 'face' of The Estée Edit), but there's plenty here for women of every age. We're not convinced by those scary-looking lipcolours, bottom right (they're used to 'adjust' the colour of your lipstick), but many of the other products in the collection – which is actually pretty affordable – have pushed our buttons, including:

• Hi Lo Stylo – a brilliantly blendable double-ended pencil with a highlighter one end, rich brown shade at the end. Kim, Kendall & Co. might use it for contouring; we're finding it's really good on the eyes.

• Cocobalm Coconut Infused Lip Gloss – a 'Slanket' for the lips, in four shades plus clear (our favourite is the deep Currant shade). Just so comfortable and nourishing, delivering a 'pop' of see-thru colour.

• The Edit Eyeshadow Palette – pretty much every shade you could ever want, and all of them (except possibly the violet colour, for us) utterly wearable, for creating eyes from nude to smokey.

Rescue Balm for Face & Body – there's brilliant skincare in the range, too, and this tub of wonderment packs a macadamia/jojoba/sunflower/soybean/coconut/avocado/olive punch. (A brilliant post-sun nourisher, we're finding.)

We could go on; there are highlighters and glosses and some brilliant make-up removing skincare. But really, if you're in the vicinity of Selfridges Oxford Street, this is a beauty playground you should definitely make a bee-line for, to explore for yourself. (And if you're not? It's on-line here.)

A very exciting moment for this heritage brand, which couldn't have its finger more firmly on the pulse than with this.

The Estée Edit by Estée Lauder/from £15-34 at

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