Nude ProGenius Youth Firming Oil


Once upon a time, NUDE Progenius Firming Oil was one of Beauty Bible's highest-scoring products, in our Awards. Then, in their infinite wisdom, NUDE decided to reformulate. And – well, it just wasn’t as good. From being an absolute go-to, it dropped off our own shelves and those of many of our followers. (Not least because of the completely overwhelming smell of black pepper which the product now had.)

But the very, very good news is that it’s been formulated again – and, a bit like going back to a long-lost love, it’s really great again. Really, really great.

There’s a long, long list of ingredients to nourish skin, including prickly pear extract, açai,, Abyssinia oil (it’s the ‘new argan’) as well as kukui, tamanu, seabuckthorn, nigella and pomegranate seed oils, peacock tail algae extract (NB from seaweed, not peacock tails!) and more.

It’s velvety but not too heavy, and really pleasant to use again – and a little goes a long way, with three or four drops all you’ll need from neck to forehead. And for those of you who loved and lost the original, this is like having an old friend back again – but one who’s had a really rather excellent makeover, this time.

 Nude ProGenius Youth Firming Oil/£72 for 30ml at