Kure Bazaar Natural Nail Polish Remover


A bottle of this is going to last you a l-o-n-g time – but you’re going to enjoy every drop. (Not often you can say that about a nail polish remover, is it?)

Now, being 100% natural, there’s a slightly different technique with Kure Bazaar Natural Nail Polish Remover than most polish removers. The oils in the product take a wee while to ‘dissolve’ the polish, but instead of drying the nail they nourish it. You soak, and rub each nail for a few seconds – and then suddenly, not only is the polish gone, but your nails simply look healthy and shiny, rather than all dried-out.

Key ingredients are musk rose oil and rosewater, infused in the water-and-oil base of wheat, corn and sugar – though there’s also a ‘Repairing; option with silicone-rich bamboo alongside ginger. (Slightly more expensive at £35 for 250 ml.)

We’re pretty confident that this is the most you’ll ever have paid for a nail polish remover – but the bottle’s giant (also: super-stylish) and will last f-o-r-e-v-e-r.

It also comes in a  very lovely white gift box which we have upcycled, using it to store USB sticks on our desks – because as enraptured as we are with this, we’re just not sure anyone in the world appreciates nail polish remover as a present!

Except to yourself, and your neglected nails.

Kure Bazaar Natural Nail Polish Remover/£35 for 250 ml in-store at Fortnum & Mason and at naturismo.com

Kure bazaar or rosePS We’re also crazy about this rose gold nail polish from Kure Bazaar – currently Jo’s toenail-shade-of-choice – which turns out to be this natural nail brand’s global bestselling shade; called (yes) Or Rose, it’s £15 at naturismo.com