Beauty Bible's New Year’s Beauty Resolutions:


What are yours? We thought we'd share the pledges we're making ourselves at Beauty Bible. If you'd like to inspire us with yours, tweet them and make sure to mention @Beauty_Bible... Jo resolves...

... To up my meditation time to 20 minutes each morning. Once upon a time, I’d never have imagined I could find 15 minutes each day to set aside for meditation, but as regular readers know, Headspace is now an intrinsic part of my life and an important start to the day. You get the option of 10, 15 or 20 minutes and I think I’m ready for 20!

To be more daring with lipstick shades. A recent handbag trawl revealed no less than six variations on exactly the same theme of rosy-brick lipstick. I vow to be more adventurous: Terry de Gunzburg herself recommended a deep purple-y/aubergine shade which I know looks amazing on me when glazed over lip balm (my Beauty Bible Lip Balm, of course!), and I’m also determined to make 2016 the year I discover my perfect red.

To make time for a facial at least once a month. The great thing about facials is that they get you back into good skincare habits again – and there is literally nothing like deep, intense facial massage to banish facial puffiness and ‘lift’ contours. (If you’ve never tried a specifically ‘lifting’ facial like a Sarah Chapman, Emma Hardie, Su-Man or the Liz Earle Superskin Botanical Lift Facial, make this the year. It’s absolutely worth the investment.)

To get up and move every 20 minutes or so. Having prided myself on my ability to sit for hours at my desk without moving anything but my fingers, as they dance over the keyboard, I’m determined to break the sitting-still habit and MOVE several times every hour. Sitting is now believed to be an actual health risk – and since I eat well, exercise regularly and do lots of other good stuff, this is clearly something I need to address. I’ve downloaded Stand Up! The Work Break Timer from iTunes, which I can set to remind myself to nudge me away from my desk to do a few stretches, walk down to the kitchen or have a wander round the garden. If I’m tempted to ignore it I can set the ringer to become more insistent!

To establish a ‘hair maintenance schedule’. At the end of 2015 I said goodbye to my wonderful haircolourist of the past 15 years, Susan Baldwin of John Frieda. She and her husband Lester are retiring to the Norfolk countryside. She’s ‘handed me over’ to the very capable Gary, but since Susan often squeezed me in at the last minute, I realise I’m going to have to be a bit more grown-up about appointments and schedule in advance. So: every four weeks for a trim, every six weeks for a colour, and once a week for a blow-dry. I’ll organise my appointments around my hairdressing commitments, from now on, rather than the other way around!

Sarah resolves...

... to make time for twice weekly training. When I was prepping the YOU Magazine Beauty Body Plan 2015 I was lucky enough to have fab personal trainer Tom Farrow (ARETE) twice a week for just under an hour. I thought I was fit before – walking, riding, mucking out, yoga etc. – but I really noticed the difference in how toned my body was. The challenge this time is to do it on my own…

Use my Foreo Luna every morning. If you don't know this miracle gizmo, please visit A battery-driven, vibrating toner that fits in the palm of your hand, the Foreo Luna not only deep cleans your skin (use it with cleanser of any kind) but eases out tension, peps up muscles and gives your skin the glow factor in spades. Truly a WOW product.

Book hair and facial appointments in advance. Jo has said the same but it’s worth repeating. When my longish thick hair outgrows its cut, all I can do is pop in a velvet scrunchie – and it takes hours to dry and attempt to style. So cut every six weeks, colour every eight is the mantra. Monthly facials are a huge improvement too. (I’m just off to see the wonderful Lucy Stevens of Orchard View Organics in Somerset for that very thing…)

Never work after 7 p.m. Sleep is one of the biggest beautifiers for face, body and mind. Recent research proves that the blue light from computers and tablets tends to stop you sleeping but turning off the sleep hormone melatonin. So – it’s a case of turn off the computer and ipad and iphone and laptop, turn on the Archers (followed by Front Row) and make something delicious to eat for supper. Oh and always have a good novel on the go to read in bed and lull my brain to sleep.

Always use a serum. I have recently ‘discovered’ the power of nutrient-rich serums, both for complexion and eyes. The new Elemis Pro-Collagen Super Serum Elixir is truly fab and I love Radical Skincare Peptide Infused Antioxidant Serum. My two favourite skincare brands, almost ever ever ever, are MV Organic Skincare from Australia (founder Sharon McGlinchey is a facialist par excellence but only over in the UK twice a year) and Ananné, launched this year at Fenwick of Bond Street. (I claim some credit for this as I thought Ananné was so wonderful when I tried it that I introduced it to Mia Fenwick, Head of Buying at the family store.)

Amy resolves...

... to get outside and run! I really got into my fitness groove in 2015 having never been remotely interested in getting sweaty in my entire life before that. I find myself in the gym a lot of the time and love experimenting with different types of exercise but this year I'd really love to take that outdoors, we are lucky to live right next to the sea and I'm aiming to be running up and down that seafront as often as I can.

Remember those body products. A little confession, I am often a very naughty beauty assistant and skip the body moisturising stage after my morning shower. I like to hit the snooze button most mornings and end up dashing in the shower with only a few minutes to spare. My resolution is to give myself some more time to use all those creams, oils and lotions and spend a few minutes enjoying slathering myself in something gorgeous and treating those poor neglected limbs.

Experiment with fragrance. I will be taking advantage of my Perfume Society subscription and exploring the world of fragrance further. I still don't feel like I've found my forever scent and am keen to experiment and see what I'm missing.

Go for vegetable variety. I adore fruits and veggies but do often find myself stuck in a rut of having the same things over and over again. My aim is to be enjoying all the colours of the rainbow rather than my usual staple of broccoli, bananas and avocados every day! I've got a huge collection of brilliant vegetarian recipe books that I'm vowing to dust off the shelves and dive back into for some inspiration.

Take daily supplements. I start with the best intentions, researching and choosing supplements that I know my body and mind will thank me for but then fall at the first hurdle of remembering to take them! I've promised myself to set a reminder on my phone to take a daily probiotic, vitamin D and omega supplement and also keep them right in front of me on my desk so there can be no memory lapses!