Cailyn Cosmetics 7 in 1 Dual 4D Fiber Mascara Black


We’re pretty keen on two-in-one or three-in-one make-up items – but 7 in 1 is a new record. And this is a pretty stupendous product, sleuthed out by Victoria Health’s Gill Sinclair on her globe-trotting. It’s from the same people who brought you the O2 Bubble Mask, Bounce It Aqua Memory Gel and the incredible O! Wow Brush (just click on the names to read more about them). With that track record, you can understand why we sat up and took notice when Gill shared her excitement over this.

The wand is just brilliant – nicely curved to get to lashes without over-coating or clogging. On the other end is a teensy-weensy brush which literally has never made it easier to access lower lashes.

It lifts, separates, defines, builds, volumises – and is waterproof, too. In there is also a conditioning serum, to ensure lashes don’t get brittle.

Most importantly, there are ‘built-in’ fibres to beef up your own lashes. Most fibre mascaras are a faff (albeit sometimes a worthwhile faff), but this adds the lashes as you sweep, in one go – and they stay put. There’s just one shade – but so far as we’re concerned, there should be just one shade for mascara, full stop.

And we just say: keep ‘em coming, Cailyn.

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