New Lavera Haircare

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We know that what puts so many people off natural shampoos is the lack of froth-factor. In reality, less foam doesn’t necessarily mean less cleansing power – but we’re so conditioned to the feeling of foaming over a lifetime that it can be a turn-off to many.

Well, Lavera have reformulated (and colourfully repackaged) their haircare range – and the fact they’ve emblazoned the cap of this NaTrue-certified natural, vegan-friendly range with stickers that says ‘FOAMY! EFFECTIVE FORMULA! DELICIOUS SCENT!’ means they understand just what might push beauty-seekers’ buttons, on shampoo and conditioner front, and inspire them to give this range a try. (Greenie or not.)

We’ve done that – and we’re just loving the results. Well, we’ve tried one so far – but we’re confident enough to recommend the six-shampoo/three conditioner range on the strength of the stellar performance of the Repair & Care Shampoo and Conditioner, which is ideal for summer-ravaged hair (like ours) right now.

It’s enriched with organic rose and pea protein – and the former, certainly, makes hair smell just lovely. The duo leaves hair super-silky, super-shiny – and that promised froth means we know it’s getting hair optimally clean, too.

There are five other shampoos (and two more conditioners…)

Colour & Shine Shampoo is packed with natural avocado oils, cranberry and other antioxidants, together with vitamin C to promote healthy hair growth). This has a ‘matching’ Colour & Shine Conditioner, to go with the shampoo.

Volume & Strength Shampoo is the one when you need extra oomph (but don’t want to weigh hair down), featuring organic orange and green tea, which is an effective free radical scavenger.

Gloss & Bounce Shampoo promises to restore shine to dull, lacklustre hair through organic mallow and a pearl extract. (Though frankly, the Repair & Care shampoo did that job perfectly, for us.) This is also a duo, with a Colour & Shine Conditioner, too.

Deep Care & Repair 2 in 1 Shampoo & Conditioner – with organic almond and macadamia oils, to strengthen hair structure and reduce split ends. (The busy person’s option.)

Freshness & Balance Shampoo is the choice for greasy hair and scalps, designed for daily cleansing without drying hair out, and with a great zingy smell (from organic lemon balm and mint).

All 100% free from fragrances, colourants, plasticisers, stabilisers, mineral oils, PEGs, aluminium salts, phthalates, plastic microbeads, synthetic preservatives and parabens. (Whew, quite the list.)

But all 100% worth a try, at these affordable prices.


All £6.99 for 250 ml conditioner/200 ml shampoo – buy here