NEOM Wellbeing Pod


NEOM Organics are describing this as ‘the future of home fragrance’ – and we have to agree. Going beyond most diffusers, it actually humidifies the air around you – something which is going to be extremely useful in the coming months, as the central heating goes back on (*sob*) and we all see just how dry our skin got over The Summer of 2018 (as it will go down in the annals).

You can use it to boost your mood and energy levels – or take the tempo down a bit, depending on the essential oil blend you choose. You can use any oil, of course – but we’re long-term fans of NEOM’s blends whch are both beautiful and effective.

One of the clever features about this is the timer – so you can set it to turn off on its own. (NEOM founder Nicola Elliott says she’s been using their Scent to Sleep Blend for an hour before her kids’ bedtime – and it doubles as a nightlight.)

Alternatively, choose from Scent to De-Stress, Scent to Make You Happy OR Scent to Boost Your Energy – which are all available in starter packs with the Wellbeing Pod (£110 each), or as a special four-for-the-price-of-three set (£60).

Soon to be seen in all the smartest – and calmest – homes. (And definitely destined for many a Christmas wishlist – if we can mention the ‘C’ word in September…)

NEOM Wellbeing Pod Essential Oil Diffuser/£90 – buy here

NEOM Wellbeing Pod Essential Oil Diffuser & Essential Oil Set/£150 – buy here

NEOM Wellbeing Essential Oil Blends Collection/£60 – buy here