NEOM Vitamin Body Oils


NEOM’s body oils just got an upgrade – and we’re very taken with this new quartet. Replacing their existing Face, Body and Hair Oils (because NEOM of course have a specific facial oil, now, which you can read about here), these have been vitamin-enriched for additional skin benefits.

And of course, being NEOM, they smell A-H-M-A-Z-I-N-G, offered in four of their most-loved fragrance blends: Perfect Night’s Sleep (no prizes for guessing what that sets out to do), Real Luxury (for de-stressing), Energy Burst (a great morning wake-up call, we’re finding), and Daily Superskin (which is the ‘happiness’ fragrance in the collection).

They’re rich but not sticky, and wonderfully skin-softening as well as mood-shifting. Each blend blends jojoba, safflower and a slew of other natural extracts, but each serves up a different skin-saving extract: on-trend baobab (energy), argan (happiness), rosehip (the sleepy oil) and Inca inchi (de-stress).

In addition, we love that NEOM is asking followers to show them what ‘real wellbeing’ looks like, on social media. As a backlash to the too-perfect yoga headstand on a cliff, the impossibly perfect kitchen backdrop to juicing, and ‘filtered everything’, as they put it, they want us to post about the small things that make a real difference to our wellbeing.

Check out the hashtag #Neomrealwellbeing – there are some truly lovely posts there (tag @neomorganics so they can be sure to find you).

And make it real.

£35 for 100 ml – buy here