NEOM Decorative Christmas Candle Cover


Not everyone loves the orange-y, pine-y, clove-y scent of ‘Christmas’ candles.

So: here’s something to give your existing favourite NEOM candle (um, we have several of them) a seasonal ‘makeover’.

With its cut-out, home-sweet-home design, this rose gold decorative candle cover has a sort of dollshouse charm about it – we can almost imagine ourselves inside the twinkling ‘lit’ windows, while breathing the beautiful fragrance of NEOM Complete Bliss (Moroccan rose, lime and black pepper), perhaps Tranquility (lavender, jasmine and sweet basil), or whichever is YOUR favourite NEOM scented candle treat.

The sort of Christmas treasure you can put away on 6th January with the rest of the decorations – and delight at rediscovering again, year after year.

£35 – buy here