Neal's Yard Remedies non-talc powders


Can we talk about chafing? If you wear anything larger than an A cup bra, thighs that naturally touch each other or wear shoes of pretty much any kind, you've probably experienced the discomfort of sweat-related chafing and rubbing. And if you've got a baby, he or she probably knows all too well the pain of chafing (and will let you know ALL about that...) 

Trouble is, we really don't want to be using talc any more, after talc-related lawsuits in the US. (Actually, we gave up on talc years ago and advised our followers to do the same.)

Finding a soft-as-silk alternative hasn't been easy, though, so we welcome two new certified organic introductions from Neal's Yard Remedies. The first (which is infused with chamomile in an organic corn starch base) is supposedly for babies, but we're finding it perfect for babying grown-up skin. (With her more generous embonpoint, Jo has this in her beach bag and does a quick under-boob application after swimming – towelling-dry isn't quite enough, she finds, to guarantee no-chafe.)

The other is Lavender & Tea Tree Body Powder, which we find is just fantastic for feet – smooth into soles and heels just before putting on a pair of trainers or pumps, in the heat (we recommend keeping by the door, if you stashyour shoes there), and it genuinely seems to help prevent blistering. (Smells aromatic and lovely, too, and the lavender dominates the tea tree, if you're not so keen on that.)

Consider us chuffed, not chafed.

Lavender & Tea Tree Body Powder/£9.50 for 100g – buy here

Organic Baby Powder/£9.50 for 100g – buy here