Natio Meditate range

Yoga bunnies, this one's for you.

Or for anyone, come to that, who needs to feel a bit more chilled.  (Hang on, we're still counting hands...)

We've always marvelled at the way certain fragrances can shift our mindset, instilling calm or transporting us through time and space.  In this case, impressively, we really are whisked straight to a yoga shala in India, cool breeze coming through the verandah doors, while incense trails curl up towards a thatched roof.

Well, you get our drift:  this range - from a leading Aussie naturals brand - is infused with divinely calming scents like rose attar, vetiver-y khus attar, blue lotus and champa incense, familiar to many yoga devotees.  (It's a magnolia-like scent from the 'Indian flower of love'.)

The collection's extensive but all the fragrances mix-and-match well and cry out (chant out?) to be layered;  we especially like the champa-scented Meditate Body Butter, the Meditate Hand Cream with Jasmine and Meditate Shower Gel.  Not much is available on-line yet - it's at selected Tesco stores (they're pretty rubbish at on-line beauty) and Debenhams Oxford Street (worth a detour if you're in the area), but Debenhams is offering one Natio Meditate Uplift Set on-line:  Meditate Hand Cream with Jasmine Attar, and the khus attar hand wash (see below for details).

The whole lot would be perfect for a yoga kit-bag, for a post-class shower.

Before you go om again...

PS  You might like to know we've a fab prize draw to win the whole Natio Meditate collection at if you click here - we've three entire sets on offer, each worth over £85.

UK readers find Natio Meditate Uplift Set at£16.50 - click here Australian readers find the range at$9.05-17.23 - click here