Green People Hydrating After Sun

Feeling a little red?  Sore?  Maybe embarrassed...?

You wouldn't be the only Brit to have turned a touch beetroot, over the weekend.  Man, was that sun strong.

But we've seen this natural soothing organic after-sun take the redness out of skin, before our very eyes.  (Jo once gave it to a sunburned friend who was staying, and it was near-miraculous in its skin-cooling benefits. She didn't even peel.)  It really is cooling - there's a polo-mint note in the fragrance, alongside nurturing calendula.  The aloe, though, is what really takes the 'ouch' out.

It's also impressed Beauty Bible testers, notching up a Green Beauty Bible award.  And right now, in this weather, we think it deserves another moment in the sun.

Or preferably, a moment in the shade.

UK readers find Green People Hydrating After Sun/£8.99 for 100 ml at - click here