Nails Inc. Couture

Just the cleverest and most fun thing we've seen in a long, long time.

Nails Inc. has come up with a bespoke option, where you can create your own bespoke nail polish package.  It's the perfect present for a girlfriend - so glam and gorgeous - or for you (because you are you-know-what!)

The how-to couldn't be simpler.  Simply log on to and follow the simple instructions.  (We like simple - or rather, Sarah does because she's much less tech-savvy than Jo.)

1.  Drag the cap from six options - from bling through to subtle to studs (yes, like a dog collar), and drag over to the bit that says DRAG HERE (see what we mean about simple?)  We chose the grey crystal cap.  Just that bit more understated.

2.  Pick your colour from the palette of gorgeous shades - including sparkly nail 'jewellery' - and Beauty Bible's favourite, of course, was pink (it's called Walton Place).

3.  Create your own label for the base of the polish.  You get two lines, so we called it:

Beauty Bible Loves Pink

4.  Then accessorise your gift box with two of the stickers provided...  For instance:  I love you, Yummy Mummy, Fashionista, Mwah.  Hmmm...  Ah, we have it!  Princess up in the top right-hand corner, and With Love, bottom left.

All that for Princess-ly sum of twenty quid!

UK readers find it at$20 - click here US readers can find the Nails Inc. range at over 50 branches of Sephora and on-line here (although the Couture service isn't available yet)