Benefit Cabana Glama











It is worth drifting by the Benefit counter regularly to check out their kits:  they're issued pretty regularly, and generally brilliant, packing lots of on-the-go essentials (in lightweight travel sizes) into a nifty and stylish box - like this one, Cabana Glama, decorated on the outside rather like a  faux vintage Airmail postcard.

In our experience, kits and gifts-with-purchase generally feature one or two brilliant products, with the rest duds, but Benefit serve up some crackers.  (Actually, Benefit are crackers - in a good way - but that's another story.)

This particular option is your get-gorgeous-on-the-way-to-the-beach kit – or (as it's a little early in the season), more likely back garden or balcony.  It showcases a smudge-on base/concealer (Some Kinda Gorgeous);  cheek ‘n' lip Posietint;  bestselling Hoola bronzing powder;  rose, cappuccino and milk choccy eye shadows and some applicators (though we rather guess that in our case, these will slip into a parallel universe of lost make-up tools and disappear forever within 5 minutes of acquisition, so you may want to have your own brushes on standby).

But overall, glam in a box - and pretty darned frabjous for getting you in the mood for sunny weekends.

UK readers find it here/£28.50 at US readers find it here/$36 at