Microplane Colossal Pedicure Foot File


Do not use this to shave your Parmesan. Although actually, you probably could.

And be aware: this is a VICIOUS object, designed for the most rhino hoof-like of feet. But say you've gone barefoot a lot this summer. Or neglected your foot-buffing. This is a pretty extraordinary way to get rid of a LOT of hard skin, fast.

Created by the same people that brought us – literally – our favourite cheese-graters (and we wonder which product development genius is responsible for this bit of lateral thinking?), also available in white and black (as well as our raspberry pink version), this is the toughest foot file we've ever put through its paces. We recommend that you use it only lightly, and only on areas where there really is hard skin build-up (the curve of the back heel and the ball of the foot, usually). As a carpenter would, for final smoothing you'd follow with a lighter-textured foot file (Margaret Dabbs's – here – is one of our go-tos), and then lashings of foot butter. 

And if things don't work out between you and your Microplane foot grater? It'll do just fine at your next spaghetti dinner.

£19.99 – buy here