Mauli Tension Release Massage Dome


Marma points are the face and body's hidden energy points, located in the lymph nodes. Stimulating them helps to deliver radiant skin, but going beyond that (similar to acupuncture in Traditional Chinese Medicine), it’s said to be good for overall wellbeing. A key element of Ayurveda, we’ve certainly experienced the benefits of marma treatments.

Now Ayurvedic-inspired skincare brand Mauli have released a beautiful Tension Release Massage Dome which works on marma points to de-puff the face (there’s also a body version), while stimulating those energy centres. They recommend using it with their own Mauli Supreme Skin Face Serum (which is fab, BTW), to encourage penetration of ingredients into the epidermis. (Though of course, in reality, you could use an existing favourite and get the extra benefits of the marma stimulation.)

In an antioxidant-rich base of argan, moringa, sweet almond, blackseed and watermelon seed oils, Mauli Supreme Skin Face Serum’s essential oil blend features a gloriously fragrant, skin-boosting blend of champaca, sweet blood orange, Himalayan cedarwood, Mysore sandalwood, patchouli, lime, geranium, jasmine sambac, rose otto and rose absolute.)

Rather like the ‘mushrooms’ our mums used for darning socks (ah, those were the days!), these are beautiful, sculptural objects in their own right – handcrafted and seamless, with a polished wood base.

Two to five minutes massage of specific points (they explain where) is what Mauli prescribe – and trust us, two’s enough to make a real, radiant difference.

£82 - buy here