Mauli Sleep Dharma Pillow Mist


If you long to use a pillow spray but aren't a massive fan of great gusts of lavender, you can be hard-pushed to find an alternative. Most of them smell so strongly of this aromatic plant that you might as well be trying to fall asleep in a field in Provence. (We don't mind that. But we know others who do.)

In Mauli Sleep Dharma Pillow Mist, the lavender doesn't dominate and is much more subtly blended with botanicals of bergamot, vetiver, geranium, clary sage, marjoram and chamomile. It's very grounding and relaxing, to us, getting its name from 'Dharma' – which is the law of the cosmos and the art of living well. As Mauli point out, 'We all know from experience that lack of sleep inhibits our ability to make the most of our precious days.'

It's alcohol-free, cruelty-free, vegan, and the fragrance is 100% natural, rather than synthetic.

Like the rest of the Mauli Rituals range (we’re BIG fans), it's rooted in Ayurveda, an approach to wellbeing which we feel is perfectly suited to the completely bonkers, supersonic world we live in.

Spritz onto your pillow before bedtime, but also – we suggest – onto your nightgear. And wishing sweet dreams, dear readers.

£22 for 50ml – buy here